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The Blind Spots
Ithaca Ballet
The Sim Redmond Band
Photo by Ed Dittenhoefer
Road Man
Big Mean I-Town Revue
Circus Culture
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Wassa Pan Africa Dance Ensemble
Empire Kings


Save the Ithaca Festival!

To achieve these goals, we are turning to the community. If you enjoy this early celebration of summertime, participate in or look forward to the annual Festival Parade, and believe that supporting local artists of all genres and ages is important, then we encourage you to help us sustain our Festival. Whether you can afford $5 or $25 or $100 or some amount even more generous, your donation will ensure the future of the Ithaca Festival and Parade. Our goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of the year.

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Zero Waste Policy

The Ithaca Festival is committed to becoming a zero-waste event, though we're not there yet, and we need your help!

The goal of zero-waste is to send a little to the landfill as possible. The Festival works towards this goal by reusing, recycling or composting discarded materials. We place CRT booths all over the Festival to offer attendees options for Compost, Recycling and Trash (CRT).

During the event weekend a CRT volunteer will help you find the right receptacle for your unwanted materials. Food
vendors are also part of this process – all plates, flatware, cups, etc. are compostable or recyclable.

For example, the 2012 Ithaca Festival was an exceptionally sustainable Festival. Thank you to attendees who did their part and used the correct CRT bin and a special thanks to the volunteers who staffed the stations! Our volunteers really do make the difference as evidenced in the numbers below…

Friday and Saturday:
3,940 lbs of compost collected
1,800 lbs. of recycling collected

1,500 lbs of compost collected
3,660 lbs of recycling collected

Can you imagine if we had sent 5 tons of compostable and recyclable material to rot in a landfill? Materials that can be composted, such as apples cores, coffee grounds, or yard trimmings, decay quickly in landfills and release methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times worse than CO2. The waste that we collected to be composted and recycled is an incredible savings to the environment and to us!

Outstanding effort by all! Let's keep improving these numbers!