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Photo by Ed Dittenhoefer


Announcing the 2016 Festival Art

By McKenzie Jones Rounds, March 19, 2016

2016 Festival Artist Rahmel Mack says "It's really cool and exciting to have been selected as this year's Ithaca Festival artist! The inspiration for the design came from me trying to dissect this years theme of 'Mix it Up.' I thought about what mix of elements a festival would need to be unforgettable. The first thing that came to mind was music. What’s a festival without it? Next was art of all kinds, and then the people…People from all cultures of all generations, a mix of people that represents the entire community. Lastly, but always first on the list, we would need love. Love translates to fun, respect and appreciation. So, the center piece of the artwork is an illustration of these elements. Then I thought, how do I put a stamp on the art to make it say 'Ithaca?' First thing that screamed in my mind was the library mural that my friend/coworker/DJ Jay “CDz Nutz” Stooks did. I knew immediately that I had to reach out to him to add his version of the Ithaca landscape to the piece because I feel he captures the city in a cool and unique way that myself and many others relate to and love. He agreed to collaborate, and like always, he helped me turn my cool idea into an awesome one."

Congratulations to Rahmel and Jay, we can't wait to see this fun and festive 40th festival celebration artwork on buttons and t-shirts all over town!