Ithaca Ballet
The Sim Redmond Band
Photo by Ed Dittenhoefer
Wassa Pan Africa Dance Ensemble
Road Man
The Blind Spots
Empire Kings
Big Mean I-Town Revue
Circus Culture
Photo by Ed Dittenhoefer


2017 Parade Application

Thank you for applying to be part of the 2017 Ithaca Festival Parade!

Note: You must see a confirmation page and/or confirmation email before you can be sure that we have received your form!

Please review the following guidelines before participating in the 2017 Ithaca Festival Parade!

These guidelines have been developed in consultation with the Ithaca Police Department, which issues our Parade Permit, and are meant to support our mission and minimize risk of injury to Paraders (last year we had over 1,000 children and 1,200 adult participants) and onlookers (estimated at 8,500).

Our Mission is to bring entertainment, broadly defined, or enhance community awareness of those many causes, activities and quirks that are part of the Ithaca community. We encourage you to design your presentation based on our theme. The brighter and more festive you are, the more you will be noticed.

Politics and Politeness. Banners, signs, songs, etc. that positively advocate causes and issues are welcomed. However, we do not allow those that endorse specific candidates or political parties, that denigrate other persons or viewpoints, or that in the opinion of Parade organizers are designed to gather attention through negative reaction.

All vehicles MUST be Registered. All motorized vehicles and trailers attached to vehicles must be legally registered and licensed, unless you obtain a specific waiver from the Ithaca Police Department. IPD will not allow any unauthorized vehicles in the Parade.

Registration. The Fee for non-profits or community organizations is $30; for businesses it is $175. All groups are required to pay as part of the registration process. The registration fee will be refunded if your group provides volunteers to help with set-up/clean- up related to the Parade or other Ithaca Festival activities. These are shifts of not more than 3 hours. Non-profits are asked to provide one volunteer for each 20 members in their group; businesses are asked to provide at least 2 volunteers. Please provide the names and contacts for volunteers (or a volunteer coordinator) on the application form.

Thank you!

Available Applications